Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Date 25th January 2014
Society Sprowston Parish Players
Venue St Cuthbert's Church, Sprowston, Norwich
Type of Production pantomime
Director Sheila Tuffield


Author: Susan DuPont

Colourful sets and costumes to give a feast to the eyes, some really excellent Company singing and a very good choice of music.  Certainly Sprowston Players got the audience in the mood before the story unravelled, with some good characters written into the traditional tale by Sally-Anne Clarke.

James Stone made a large, colourful, extrovert and very energetic Nurse Ophelia Buttox and kept the comedy going well. Snow White (Grace Porter) was all that was expected from a Princess with voice and personality and matched well by Luke Fairweather as Prince Rufus.  She worked very well with the seven dwarfs Toby Page, Joe Earl, Julie Hagan-Palmer, Brittany Gathergood, Abbie Scoones, Lucy Siggins, and Anton Morina, and they all capitalised on their little characters and personalities in style.   The overwhelmed King Basil (Duncan Moore) and the many smaller roles of servants and footmen, maids and the Mirror (Andy Boston, Corinna Laughton, Toni Morina, Katie Dunkeley, Maria Belderbos and Lesley Clarke) all capitalised on their dialogue and singing and contributed in no small part to the success of the story.  Sheila Tuffield made the most of all the character studies. The piece de resistance in the role that was worth dying for and certainly stole the attention, centre stage, was Sally-Anne Clarke as Queen Narcissa the wicked stepmother.  How she relished the part with her dialogue and hatred and cackles (and we booed) and an amazing singing voice to boot, what a great personality overcoming the audience. But good triumphed in the end as all good fairy stories should. And we went home re-singing some of the very good Company music, congratulations.