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Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs


21st January 2018


Hertford Drama & Operatic Society


Hertford Theatre, Hertford

Type of Production



Cheryl Nicholson

Musical Director

Joanna Pierce


Ella Louise Martin


Author: Vicki Avery

This Community event involving all ages was well supported by the local community of Hertford, with plenty of opportunity for audience participation and a fun evening was had by all.  

Once again the backstage crew managed the scene changes well. Backcloths were well chosen and I particularly liked the dwarf’s cottage.

The lighting had been well designed; it enhanced the set and costumes and helped create the tension in the ‘evil’ scenes, such as when the Queen ordered the death of Snow White, and when she was poisoned.  The follow spot was well cued and operated. 

The costumes were colourful and combined with make up helped define the characters particularly the unmistakable Snow White, wicked Queen and the dwarves.

As always with this Company’s Pantomime there was a large age range of performers. They all entered into their roles with enthusiasm and enjoyment. The cast worked well together capturing the attention of the audience and keeping the action moving. 

Ellen Skinner as Snow White was delightful, vocals were good and there was confidence when working with the 7 dwarfs.

India Hammond as Prince Rupert was the typical thigh slapping principle boy. Though why many of her lines were delivered upstage I cannot understand. This young lady has the potential for becoming a really stunning Principal Boy but you need to learn to command the stage whenever you appear and embrace your height. Vocals were good I particularly enjoyed your duets with Snow White.

 The Wicked Queen Malevolent played very effectively by Claire Hogarth was a strong character exuding evil with every utterance. A very talented actress who understood the effective use of pause and just how to communicate with the audience by a single raised eye-browed look. Very effective, I loved her performance of “I Put a Spell on You”. Wow!! 

Daniel Goode as Dame Doitall of course was very ‘motherly’ to Snow White and delighted the audience with her many unsuitable outfits. Dialogue was slick and although there were a few adlibs these can be forgiven, as the pace was never let to slacken at all.

Elaine Miller as Handy Andy the comic, worked hard throughout the performance and was able to keep things moving along with good communication with the audience. This performance was animated and busy and I loved the enthusiasm. Well done.

Beckie Walsh as Spirit of the Mirror did a good job of keeping the Queen informed of who was the fairest. However why walk on with the mirror? I doubt the audience sitting further back than perhaps Row G could see the spirit and the whole illusion was spoilt as she walked off sideways carrying the mirror. This just did not work for me. Very clumsy.

The Lord Chamberlain played by Neil Lyons was a gentle character that brought some form of normality to the story even if he did have the annoying habit of repeating the ending of all his dialogue.

The Huntsman played by Ciaran Couldridge showed he was afraid of the Queen, but found what she asked of him wrong. More direction was needed here in order for a somewhat nervous young actor to appear more comfortable in the role. Never the less, a good start in a vital role as part of the story.

The dwarves all lived up to their names in their portrayals.  Everyone had worked very hard both with acting and singing. Facial expressions were good and teamwork excellent.

 This was a traditional story with a few interesting additions; full of jokes that the audience liked, and plenty of opportunity for the audience to join in. Cheryl Nicholson had cast the show well, made sure that all the fun and humour were brought out of the script, and the small stage was used to full advantage.

The cast were made up mostly of members from the Young Idea, the junior section of the society. The chorus and the dancers all learning their craft by working along side the principal characters. Musical numbers were lively and well chosen with “ You Can’t Stop the Beat” and “Happy” obviously particular favourites for the company.

 This was an evening of good family entertainment, enjoyed by everyone who was there. Well done everyone and thank you for your generous hospitality.