Snow White

Date 11th December 2014
Society Kingsley Players
Venue Kingsley Community Centre
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Colin Smith
Musical Director Arnold Ashbrook
Choreographer Alison Wyatt


Author: Peter Johnson

Firstly welcome back into Noda. A truly colourful pantomime cleverly written and performed with true pantomime spirit. It was wonderful to see so many people on and off stage really enjoying themselves on a very cold and blustery night. Comedy was the name of the game in this show held together excellently by the Court Jester (Tom Hayes) you were heckled shouted at and whistled at, but never once were you distracted from the plot and the professional way you handled the audience was hilarious, with very clear singing voice you need to develop well done. Snow White how enchanting you were with a beautiful voice with the ability to sing through your dreadful sore throat my heart went out to you well done. Queen Vendetta (Sandra Capper) cleverly thought out role carried off well (not sure about the brown boots). Queens Chancellor (Malcolm Barker) strong clear diction and a good voice. Dame Volatov (Joe Youd) slapstick, tongue in cheek, innuendoes you had it all without going too far. The Mini Miners such talent all individual characters working well together excellent singing with good clear diction well done really enjoyed watching you perform the parts as did the audience, the animals the villagers and ensemble all played their parts in carrying this show to a well received adulation. Oh how could I forget the soldiers not many youngsters of your tender years can march in time but you did it with aplomb. Every society should have one and you’ve got one of the best MD song writer’s in the business Arnold Ashbrook all the songs slotted into the show wonderfully and enjoyed by all.

Many thanks for inviting me