Smokey Joe's Cafe

Date 16th April 2014
Society Alyth Musical Society
Venue Alyth Town Hall
Type of Production Musical
Director Colin Grant
Musical Director Colin Grant
Choreographer Chloe Leuchars & Colin Grant


Author: Roger D. Buist

For their annual show production this year, this Society made a ground-breaking decision to present a brand new style of stage entertainment. “Smokey Joe’s Café” was the choice, which consists entirely of songs written by the songwriting duo of Leiber and Stoller, whose talents came to the fore during the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll and, because it is virtually a non-stop cavalcade of musical songs (there are over 50 of them!) it made for a “busy” evening bopping and hopping away for the entire company – and gave the members a chance to shine in the many solos and concerted pieces that would not have been available to them in a book musical. There is no need to mention any individual, because every single person appearing on stage was a star in their own right and every one of them entered into the spirit of the evening. Among some of the many highlights were “Falling”, Shoppin’ for Clothes”, and “Teach Me How To Shimmy” Augmenting the company was a group of three young dancers who added their talents to the evening’s entertainment, Bringing back these songs to life in music and dance, it was obvious the cast was evoking many happy memories for the audience who applauded in time to the songs to show their approval of the performance. It was as if a breath of fresh air had blown through the Society!