Sleeping Beauty

Date 26th February 2022
Society The Square Drama Circle
Venue The Square Methodist Hall, Dunstable
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Tammy Bradley
Musical Director Christopher Burrett


Author: Nova Horley

It was lovely to be back at a live Square Drama production, with an appreciative audience, and good to hear the laughter of youngsters at the onstage antics.

The sets were very good, well designed and painted.  Sound was good, with nice lighting.

Costumes were very colourful, and imaginatively designed to take into account the diversity of the cast. 

It was good to see an MD who was able to not only get good sounds out of the cast, but also operate sound effects, and drums.  I really liked the special song “A Rose So Pure” with music and lyrics by MD Chris Burrett, it gave atmosphere to the scene, and was very lovely.

The music chosen was a mix of up to date and traditional, which served the production well, with some very good vocals from the Princess and Prince, and nice harmonies.  Very well done.

The piece was nicely directed by Tammy Bradley, who gave her cast plenty to do within their capabilities, and some very funny moments – I loved the awakening kiss where masks were donned in a nod to Covid requirements, and Covid sweetie from Chiri.  All these little touches brought the piece up to date, and created some amusing moments.

Stephen Parry was a very good Nurse, with a broad Scottish accent, which stayed understandable at all times, and Chris Fletcher as the Jester played off him well.  The one-liners were delivered well, with accompanying groans from the audience!

Sarah Taylor-Warner created a charming Princess, with Johnathan Burrett as her Prince, a good partnership. 

Rob Jones and Netty Batchelor as the Princesses parents, and Ian Rogers as the Prince’s father all got regal portrayals.

I thought Rosemary Brown as Malicia created a nicely wicked character,  one we enjoyed booing.  Very well done.   

Donna Fletcher created a good forgetful Fairy, in her sparkly dress, with her accompanying Fairies adding colour to the proceedings.

The ensemble added much to the production, and helped make it an enjoyable experience.

I would have liked a little more pace overall, but generally very pleasing.