Sleeping Beauty

Date 19th January 2018
Society Rainham Theatrical Society (RTS Ltd)
Venue Oast House Theatre
Type of Production Pantomime


Author: Gordon Harris

Kathy West you did it again. Oh yes you did!! Sleeping Beauty is another credit you can add to your list as a competent Director. You chose your cast with care and it worked. You should be proud of them.

Yes it was a little slow in parts, but when it was, I wasn’t the sleeping beauty in the audience. I was keep attentive all the way through.

Your cast …..too many to mention singly kept it going.

Duck and Dive were my stars of the show, followed closely by Poison Ivy - what a vicious piece of work she is. Nurse Penny Cillin kept the bad jokes coming and your fairies were so camp !! I loved them. Princess Aurora looked stunning and sang with confidence. King and Queen were majestic and suitably royal. Prince Rupert was regal, and Sniffles excelled in being silly a hard thing to do on stage - I felt it came naturally.

The smaller parts gave us gusto, as did the simple but very well staged choreography. Excellent!!

Lighting was spot on, and your costumes were exceptional, as always.

This was a panto that was well thought through and you and your cast gave the audience a good night at the Oast House Theatre. Thank you for inviting me, looking forward to Ladies' Day - it’s a terrific play, a play for ladies.