Sister Act the Musical

Date 21st September 2019
Society EROS Musical Society
Venue East Kilbride Village Theatre
Type of Production Musical
Director Jon Cuthbertson
Musical Director Aileen Shaw
Choreographer Vikki Rodgers


Author: Craig Inglis

The production team of Jon, Aileen and Vikki, along with a talented cast brought a lot of energy and laughter to their production of Sister Act.  The music throughout the show was confidently performed by all principals, each member of the ensemble and orchestra.  The choreography featured great routines for the bigger production numbers allowing each member of the cast to perform to their maximum ability.  The characterisation and comic timing was great throughout and it was enjoyable to watch the characters develop as the story progressed.  Deloris was confidently played by Pamela Cunningham who balanced sass and vulnerability to give a well-rounded performance.  Her fantastic stage presence and powerful voice effortlessly mastered the songs and scenes.  Pamela gave a consistently strong performance and her version of ‘Sister Act’ was just terrific.  The relationship between Deloris and the other leading female of the show, Mother Superior, was excellent and kept the momentum of the story progressing.  Playing opposite Pamela, in the role of Mother Superior was Lesley Wilson who brought a lot of humour to the role with her wit, meaningful fascial expressions  and clear dialogue letting us enjoy every emotion this involved character feels during the story.  Jane Sinclair was contagious in her comedy portrayal and energy as Sister Mary Lazarus.  She had the audience in stiches with her comic timing and used her physicality to nail the comedy in this role, especially the solo parts of “Take Me To Heaven” and “Sunday Morning Fever”.  Danielle Carroll as Sister Mary Robert gave a great performance as the shy young postulant developing inner strength through meeting Deloris.  Her solo “The Life I Never Led” was particularly excellent.  She complimented Laura Wilson as Sister Mary Patrick who gave a brilliant comedy performance of the warm and bubbly character.  The pair together gave a convincing friendship and worked very well together throughout.  Lorna Cunningham (Sister Mary Martin of Tours), Audrey Wilson (Sister Mary Teresa) and Mike Driscoll (Monsignor O’Hara) completed the talented line up in the convent.  Attempting to protect Deloris by placing her in the convent for witness protection is the hero of the show Eddie (Neil Pearson).  Neil’s portrayal of the gentle Police Officer was lovely and worked well with the other more confident characters he interacted with.  Mike Denholm as the nasty gangster Curtis created a menacing character well.  David Clark, Andrew Tasker, and Christopher Young (Joey, Pablo and TJ respectively) were entertaining and very funny in their numbers as the haphazard gangsters.  Their dancing definitely left the audience wanting more.  Michelle and Tina were played by Kelly Ann Gurney and Linsey Todd ensured that the opening scenes let the audience know they were in for a treat.  The supporting ensemble of confident performers who portrayed various characters throughout, brought a lot of energy to the musical numbers and were all individually dedicated to their performances.  I would like to thank the entire club for a great nights entertainment and congratulate them on a fantastic production.