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Sister Act


3rd July 2019


Gainsborough Musical Theatre Society


Trinity Arts Centre, Gainsborough

Type of Production



Vicky Toward

Musical Director

Liam Fletcher


Becky Evans


Author: Andrew Key


What an ending to a wonderful show! Sister Act in Gainsborough – the town rocking to the  beat of Gospel music.  I loved the finale – with its fabulous costumes and stunning lighting – a fitting climax to a real feel good production.

Thank you Gainsborough Musical Theatre Society for inviting me to your show this week and to President Graham Spicksley for his very warm welcome. It was a great opportunity to leave our worries outside as we entered the lovely Trinity Arts Centre – comfortably cool inside on a hot summer’s evening - and escape across the pond to the world of Sister Act.

Musical Director Liam Fletcher masterminded a fabulous orchestra – of musicians from far and wide - who came together only a few days before the first night – a gift to the cast who were in very safe hands with the fast paced score.

Mother and daughter Bev and Becky Evans as the Mother Superior and Deloris Van Cartier (as in the jewellery) were the linchpins to the whole show – with great vocals and an energy that never flagged. Well done to you both. As The Mother Superior said, a neon sign for dunking donuts would have been less conspicuous than the hiding of the larger than life Deloris, in a convent. And she sure made her presence felt. ‘My God she is everywhere’, the Mother Superior said – and she sure was.

Phil Green as Curtis and his trio of Thugs were great entertainment. Their dance routines were so funny. Dion Oldridge as Joey had great stage presence – after he completed his hysterical seductive moves in ‘Lady in the Long Black Dress’ – I heard a lady behind me in the audience say – ‘I need a bottle of water after that!’ Well done to all three of the thugs in this show stopping scene. Similarly, Eddie’s song and routine that involved three costumes worn on top of each other was much appreciated by the ladies in the audience – ‘I thought he was going to do the full monty’ was the response of the same lady mentioned above.

The terrible singing of the nuns before Deloris got to grips with them was convincing – there really are ‘no words’ – it must have been so difficult to do – deliberately singing out of tune. But it made the transformation to tub thumping, gloriously funky gospel choir all the more remarkable. Monsignor O’Hara (John Parsons) was a big advocate for the new improved choir, complete with great comic timing.

The nuns were fab – what a team – I was exhausted just watching. I especially loved the formerly staid leader of the choir turn into a trendy rapping Sister – well done Catherine Hughes. Similarly, Hannah Anderson as Sister Mary Patrick had great stage presence. The boundless energy of the choir never dropped. Youngest member of the convent Sister Mary Robert, played by Beth Newell – who was also dance Captain – led the charge of the invigorated Nuns – what a Show to be in before she sets off to college later this year – good luck Beth in Hull.

Choreographer Becky Evans must have drilled the cast to within an inch of their lives – as the complicated fast moving routines were perfectly synchronised – and there wasn’t a weak link in the routines anywhere. Well done everyone.

The stage crew must have been exhausted too – with so many slick and fast changes completed with great precision.

Congratulations to Director Vicky Toward on putting together this great production. As we heard in the Show ‘We’re just here to spread the love all around’ – and that’s just what happened in Gainsborough tonight.

The Trinity Arts Centre are very lucky to have Gainsborough Musical Theatre Society as part of their annual offering – this production proving what talent there is in the local community.

I look forward to seeing the Society performing again soon.

Andrew Key

Wednesday 3rd July 2019