Singin' in the Rain

Date 10th November 2018
Society Winchester Musicals & Opera Society
Venue The Theatre Royal, Winchester
Type of Production Musical
Director Suzanne Hall
Musical Director Kathy Rockhill
Choreographer Suzanne Hall


Author: Mark Allen

Warmly welcomed by the front of house I was ushered to my seat looking forward to a good evening. The house was all but full and buzzing, a great sight to see. Little did I know the entertainment I was about to have.

What a set, absolutely first class and very professional. The wall of water for Singing in the Rain, a complete and very welcome surprise. It was equally well lit, which enhanced the whole experience, and very well sounded, I could hear every word.

The Choreography was first class too. The cast had obviously been well drilled. They were confident, in time and in step. A real pleasure to watch.

Make no bones about it as spectacular as the set was, this was a very good show, the pace didn’t seem to lag at all, sometimes evident with well known shows.

Musically it was just one piano, and although in the very first instance I would have preferred a full orchestra, that very first instance almost immediately disappeared. What a pianist, What an MD!

Chris Hall as Don Lockwood and Sarah Mulcare as Cathy Selden Played their parts very well - there seemed a real chemistry there, but I really enjoyed the performance of Wesley Buckeridge as Cosmo. The problem is that the show was so good, on every level that its difficult to pick out individuals, everyone deserves a mention.

Singing in the rain is a huge favorite of mine (and my daughters go-to after a bad day at Uni) and has so many good memories for me, I was worried that this would not live up to my expectations. How wrong was I

Brilliant, Thank you guys for a fantastic evening.