Date 5th April 2018
Society Melody Makers
Director Val Bamber: Caroline Ward
Musical Director Eunice Parry
Choreographer Judith Jefferies


Author: Lyn Emmerson

I like to be transported from the trials and troubles of this world and be entertained, and this musical has everything to do just that. A huge challenge for this Company due to the space available for the cast, but nevertheless, a very creditable production.

The opening scene was in the safe hands of Joy Sidley-Brooks as Dora Bailey taking us through the guests as they arrived at a silent film premiere. Geraint Roberts gave a confident portrayal of heart throb and silent movies star, Don Lockwood, with Juliet Berrigan in fine voice and a natural choice for the role of Kathy Selden. They blended well together in all their tasks, ‘You Were Meant for Me and ‘You are my Luck Star’ being highlights from these two characters, together with an excellent ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ routine from a drenched Don!!. Steven Blankley extracted all the comedy from his role of Cosmo Brown, he worked hard throughout the show particularly with ‘Make em Laugh’ and ‘Moses Supposes’ and joined Don and Kathy for the trio ‘Good Morning’ which was well received by the audience. A domineering performance from Carolyn Wright as the squawking Lina Lamont who kept in character throughout, I enjoyed her rendering of ‘Whats Wrong With Me’. There were many minor roles namely Sean Sheehan as Impresario R. F. Simpson, Ralph Peters as Roscoe Dexter, John Bamber as Rod, and Gwenda Griffith as Zelda Zanders, whilst Christine Peters characterised the role of ‘Diction Teacher’ in the ‘Moses Supposes’ routine with aplomb.

Invaluable support from the large chorus in fine voice, whilst the team of dancers gave us some professionally choreographed routines, particularly the tap routines. ‘Broadway Melody’ was a triumph involving the whole chorus and the dancers, well-rehearsed – a great effort – well done. I liked the detail paid to costumes which were all appropriate of the period, together with the ladies hairstyles and hats. Lighting and sound were spot on as usual. On the downside, I felt the beginning a bit slow, and cast members should have picked up their cues slightly quicker, which would have made a difference to the dialogue. This, however, did not mar the enjoyment we received from this enterprising Company, and I truly was transported from the troubles of the world to a happy ending. Congratulations all concerned, and thank you once again Melody Makers.