Singin' in the Rain

Date 19th May 2012
Society Riverside Musical Theatre Company
Venue Park View Theatre, Chester-le-street?
Type of Production Musical?
Director Sheila Rouse
Musical Director Joe Wilson


Author: Michelle Coulson

Choreographer: Sheila Rouse

Shows which are movies that have been worked into stage shows as opposed to the opposite way around are notoriously difficult to stage and “Singin’ in the Rain” is no exception to this with 19 changes of scene to contend with including the infamous rain scene and the production of a silent movie. The rain in this production was provided in abundance by the set from A1 stage and Laurence Chadwick as “Don Lockwood” got a thorough soaking much to the enjoyment of the audience, he really got into the spirit of the number. Laurence together with Stephen Shield as “Cosmo Brown” sang and danced well, their “Moses Supposes” number with Phil Mezzo as the diction teacher was particularly enjoyable.

Melanie King was the perfect “Kathy Seldon” and the ideal contrast to the brash, loud character of “Lina Lamont” played by Donna Graham. The four main characters worked well together and looked comfortable with each other.
The orchestra were a little unbalanced in places but the cast did not let this deter them from giving their all to the performance. Kevin Thornhill (RF Simpson), Lilian Dawson (Dora Bailey) and James Hudson (Roscoe Dexter) provided good support and the ensemble numbers were performed with enthusiasm; the entire company certainly looked as if they were enjoying themselves. After hearing about some of the company’s challenges leading up to show week you are to be congratulated for overcoming them and getting the show on.