Sing It Out

Date 21st October 2023
Society Three Towns Theatre Company
Venue Upchurch Village Hall
Type of Production Concert
Director Gweneth Loft


Author: Gordon Harris

Upchurch village hall was a splendid setting for  “Sing it out”. The programme was very informative and easy to understand. Well done. What a huge cast “Sing it out” has and a lot of hard work must have gone into preparing this for performance. I felt a little lighting was required. Signing was a clever move and a nice start to the show. Treat people with Kindness performed by all. We heard from Sweet Charity. 

Gwyneth, you had a good concept for “Sing it out”. All the good old favourites and some new ones. Group numbers as well as solos. Jessie’s, Molly’s and Findlay’s songs gave us good stories to go with them.  John’s the story and the diversity that went with it.

"I’ll never fall in love again", sung by all, a great song from a great musical Promises Promises. 

Margot’s tale very poignant. Nice to hear “Ferry Boat” again. 

Followed by Charley’s tale, nicely performed by Sharon. A great version of “Rhythm of Life” both from Sweet Charity closing the first half. 

Second half started strongly with “Sing” by the whole cast. 

“Felicity” is a big song and Carole certainly belted it out. Followed by Melissa’s tale Debra gave us a powerful comedy performance.

A simple melody by the cast, nice to hear this again. Elton even got in there, in Mellissa’s tale, “I’m Still Standing”. 

A lovely soft Ballad sung by Paul as George “You Don’t Send Flowers”, from Mack and Mabel. 

“Get Happy”, then a bit of Opera from Avril as Kirsty. 

“Why we Sing” closes the show. “Sing it Out” certainly tells us that.

Thank you, Gwyneth T Loft, Esther McLellan and Suzanne Crossley, for bringing us Sing it Out.