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Sinbad the Sailor


1st February 2019


Finedon Church Sunday School Entertainment Society


Star Hall, Finedon

Type of Production



Joseph Lawrence and Sue Wilson

Musical Director

Charles Sheinman


Sue Wilson and Christy-Ann Wilson


Author: Caroline Jervis

What better way to cheer up a bitterly cold evening than to watch F.C.S.S.E.S. perform their latest pantomime “Sinbad the Sailor”? The production had everything you would expect from a traditional pantomime; it was packed with laughter, fun, slapstick and plenty of colourful action. Directors Joseph Lawrence and Sue Wilson have obviously worked really hard in the staging of “Sinbad” it had lots of pace and was very well cast. Musical director, Charles Sheinman has done a great job too; the music was chosen well, the singing was very good throughout and was backed by an excellent orchestra. The choreography from Sue Wilson and Christy-Ann Wilson was very good and was imaginative and energetic. Well done to all the production team!

The large principal line-up without exception all played their roles with great character. Christy-Ann Wilson played the title role of Sinbad with a great deal of poise and charm. Her love interest, Princess Jasmin, played by Jasmine Barker had a most beautiful voice. Jon Baish was a terrific Dame Drachma, his comic timing was superb and he had a great rapport with the audience. Thomas York as Ali Drachma also worked well with the audience and with his love interest Rose, beautifully played by Sophia Lazienko. The Sultan and his wife Sultana were very confidently played by Jamie Smith and Debbie Tasker. Amy Armitage as Vizier and Mellissa Morse as her side-kick Kumquat gave the audience plenty to boo and hiss at. Joseph Lawrence gave a very good performance as King Neptune as did Tracey Barker as Queen Pearl; she too had a beautiful voice. Andrew Weatherill had the audience in fits of laughter as Fairy Seaweed and gave a performance that I really enjoyed. Ash Fenn was very commanding in his roles as Police Officer and Captain. Very creditable performances came from Charlotte Lauer as Boson, Neil Forster as Landlord and High Priest and Victoria Francis as Abdul. A very “boozy” performance came from Humpy the Camel, played by Kasey Cheetham and Zoe Bloomfield. The principal actors were wonderfully supported by the senior chorus and a delightful junior chorus. The entire company should be very proud of themselves as their enthusiasm and enjoyment was infectious!

The sets for the show were well made and very colourful as were the costumes. The props were very good too and utilised well. The under-water UV scene was outstanding and very well performed! The lighting and sound quality was excellent throughout the evening.

Congratulations to all at F.C.S.S.E.S. for this first class family entertainment. I think the company were clearly having as much fun as the audience. Well done!

CAROLINE JERVIS                                                                                                                                  NODA EAST MIDLANDS DISTRICT 7 REPRESENTATIVE.