Date 23rd February 2022
Society Centrestage Productions Youth Theatre
Venue The Point Theatre Eastleigh
Type of Production Musical
Director MIke Mullen
Musical Director Nigel Finch
Choreographer Kiera Moorhouse
Producer Mike Mullen
Written By David Lindsay-Abaire and Jeaanine Tesori


Author: Mark Allen

Now that the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted and the world of amateur theatre returns to some sort of normalcy, it was great to be invited to see CPYT's first outing since August 2021 for their production of "Shrek" the musical.

Accompanied by Gordon Richardson, the Noda President and Kay Rowan our Regional Councillor we were warmly greeted by the front of house staff and took our seats, looking forward to a good evening's entertainment. This was to be a big production full of colour, light and plenty of inventive  choreography. The production team of Mike Mullen (Director) and Kiera Moorhouse (Choreographer) have done a splendid job.

The set was very large and I feared that it may cause production issues but all the cast knew what they were supposed to be doing and,given that this was opening night and almost 18 months since their last show, they did a great job. The diction was good and the lead/principle characters took the show confidently, with great attitude and enthusiasm. They drove the pace well. The interaction between Shrek (Harry Taylor) Princess Fiona (Summer Hughes) and Donkey (Luke Sharpels) was always good and well rehearsed. A special mention though to the "very small" Lord Farquaad played by Tyler Convery who spent all of the show on his knees but delivered a confident and entertaining part.  The Dragon, Alicia Lambert also needs a mention here and her singing was well rounded, clear and powerful. but this is not to detract from the rest of the cast, all of whom played their parts very well.

The costumes were fantastic - colourful and larger than life and really added to the show, from all the fairy tale cast of characters you would recognise including Mad Hatter, Three Blind Mice, Queen of hearts, Three little pigs, Pinocchio, Humpty Dumpty, and a ventriloquised Gingerbread man. It was a feast for the eyes and seemed to give the cast the confidence to perform very well.

The choreography by Kiera Moorhouse was simple, effective and well-drilled in some places and inventive in others. It is obvious that the cast had a lot of fun learning the routines and they all seemed to know where they were supposed to be and what they were asked to do. The music was provided by Nigel Finch as the MD and a fifteen piece orchestra. They played at a good tempo and never at any point was the cast lost, behind or in front of the timing. Again great testament to the cast and to Mr Finch for the obvious hard work. 

Overall this was a very good show, well directed, well choreographed and well delivered by an enthusiastic, colourful and happy cast, well done CPYT.