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She Loves You! Yeah!


25th October 2012


Harrogate St Andrews Players


Harrogate Theatre

Type of Production



Louise Denison

Musical Director

Jim Lunt


Louise Denison


Author: Terry Harrison

Nostalgia, they say, is not what it used to be and, to some extent, the same can be said of this Society. This production, originally conceived and written by their Director for Wakefield Theatre Royal’s Youth group, tells a story of many aspects of family life woven around a number of favourite 1960s songs. Some of the original cast were able to reprise their roles, including a cheeky but charming leading man/narrator and to them were added some talented local youngsters and a dozen or so of the Society’s, shall we say, more mature members.

The result was an entertaining and occasionally exuberant performance made all the more interesting by the knowledge that few of the cast had experienced these songs the first time around. Nostalgia has always been one of the theatre’s most popular diversions and this production was no exception as the young cast which these songs require entertained large audiences, most of whom were their seniors remembering their own younger days.