Seussical the Musical

Date 23rd February 2013
Society Stage One 2000 Musical Youth Theatre
Venue Little Theatre, Birkenhead
Type of Production Musical
Director Brenda Davies
Musical Director Nikki Molley
Choreographer Allison Bentley-Jones


Author: Budge Grounsell

To all those who say today’s youth are not interested  in such things, I am delighted to say that youth theatre is very much alive and well and  had you  been with me at the Little Theatre, Birkenhead  to see Stage 1 2000’s production of Seussical the Musical I doubt you could give me an argument on that.  A strong team led by Director Brenda Davies, strongly abetted  by  Choreographer Allison Bentley-Jones, Musical Director Nikki Molley  and Assistant  Director  Ryan Radley-Lawley  combined to mould a wonderful cast of young players from 6 to 19  into a great evenings entertainment.   With such a multitalented group it would be great to single out every individual, alas that is not possible so I must content myself with mentioning a few. Marc Smith (the Cat) gave a stunning performance; seemingly ubiquitous, he sang, danced  and exercised strong comedic talents; what a bright future in the theatre he has;  it must run in the family as his sister Laura showed her talent too as the Mayoress.  Ed Mawdsley as Horton did extremely well  and maintained the right demeanor  necessary in his part throughout. Gertrude played by Caitlin Lee carried off her part with style, loved the various tail feathers and Aisha Stalker brought Mayzie to life and believability. Do Tranmere Rovers know how good she can kick.  Of course  every cast member made a major contribution  like six year old  Ruby Dilworth and Lola Bradley her friend who described herself in the programme as a show girl, quite right too.  The costumes  were excellent,  devised and created by Jenny King and Beryl Cross. Sound, Lighting  and  Stage Management  can never be overlooked;  often taken for granted but never  to be taken lightly. Of course  we must not forget the ladies who do the rehearsal snacks  especially when such a young cast are involved and who are no doubt always hungry. We are hungry too for your next performance.