Scrooge - Abbreviated Version

Date 20th November 2014
Society Cupar Youth Musical Theatre
Venue Corn Exchange, Cupar
Type of Production Youth Musical
Director Ruth Anderson
Musical Director Emily Middleton
Choreographer Ruth Anderson


Author: Mike Pendlowski

Once again, Cupar Youth provided us with a well-cast and equally well performed show, which brought the enthusiasm of the young cast to the fore. From the opening number, and, including all subsequent choral numbers, the quality of this chorus shone through. Principal characters were certainly not of a lesser standard. Ebenezer Scrooge (Lewis Snowden) gave a very believable portrayal of the miser, with excellent diction and good movement skills.  I must say, diction in this show was never a problem – congratulations on this must, surely, in part, go to the Director, Ruth Anderson. Ruth has obviously instilled the necessary theatrical skills in this youth group – and they use them to the full at all times.  At times, possibly a hint of nervousness came over, but that can be forgiven.  As a non-performer myself, I cannot think of anything more nerve-racking than appearing on a stage!  Back to the principals -  The ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future (Shannon Almond, Kieron Kelleher and Megan Turner) all deserve a mention.  Nice use of a shuttered followspot in pale green allowed for the highlighting of the ghost even in close proximity to Scrooge – well done! (And I’m not a fan of followspots!). Bob & Mrs Cratchit (Jake Middleton & Lucy Middleton) were both outstanding in performance – singing and dialogue alike. Lucy’s taking the lead in “Good Times” was particularly memorable. Tom Jenkins (Brooke Robertson) gave a performance of similar quality in “Thank You Very Much”. Tiny Tim (Ross Dickson) found just the correct amount of pathos in his character. Finally, no show is complete without the minor characters, and, in “Scrooge” they are plentiful. I am pleased to say that I didn’t notice any lapse in character throughout the show and it was so encouraging to see a cast thoroughly enjoying themselves. 

Congratulations to Emily Middleton (Musical Director) for keeping the cast of 30+ in tight form musically. 

Technically, the show was well stage managed – with quiet scene changes – and that is sometimes a novelty!  Compliments also to my NODA predecessor, John Urquhart, for supplying a very useable and well painted set which made excellent use of the forestage for Scrooge’s Office and Bedroom.  Well done CYMT – I look forward to your next show!