Sailor Beware!

Date 19th May 2016
Society Bolsover Drama Group
Venue The Assembly Rooms, Bolsover
Type of Production Play
Director Janet Koszegi


Author: Joyce Handbury

The play, written by Philip King and Falkland Cary in 1954. begins as the Hornett family are preparing for the wedding of daughter Shirley to a sailor, Albert Tufnell, who is due to arrive at any moment with his best man, Carnoustie Bligh. Emma Hornett is domineering, house-proud and self-righteous and continuously bullies her husband, Henry, and his live-in spinster sister, Edie. Albert is in love with Shirley but views the prospect of marrying into the family with some concern - so much so that he pretends to jilt her on the morning of their wedding day prompting family, friends and even the vicar to tell Emma what they think of her. She is duly chastened and all seemingly ends happily. The role of Emma was superbly played by Louise Sutton. It is a huge part, very rarely is she off stage, and she definitely held the play together barking her orders and commanding obedience from all around her. Her downtrodden husband Henry, who prefers to spend time with his ferrets - and no wonder, was ably played by Ken Radmore and I loved Chrissy Smith as Edie, her submissiveness and her numerous tearful outbursts (she had been left stranded at the altar years before) she played to perfection. Lianne Brunt was suitably sweet as Shirley and Sue Hilton was great as her flirtacious bridesmaid, Daphne. Istvan Koszegi was well suited to the role of Albert and together with Ian Simpson as Carnoustie they managed to get every ounce of comedy, with some hilarious antics, from their respective roles. Ruth Bonner gave a notable performance as Mrs. Lack, the busybody neighbour, and Ray Wignall completed the cast as Rev. Purefoy. Congratulations must go to the people responsible for the lovely set and for the excellent props, which added to make the whole, a fun-filled evening of delightful entertainment.