Run for Your Wife

Date 17th July 2015
Society Westovian Theatre Society
Venue Pier Pavilion South Shields
Type of Production Play
Director David Cooke


Author: Foster Johnson

I have always been a lover of Farce especially when it comes from the pen of Ray Cooney, one of the best writers of the genre, and also when it is performed well.
So it was with this latest offering from the Westovians. I am never ceased to be amazed at the talents of the Society and so it was with this production.
Under the intuitive and clever direction of David Cooke who once again brought his vast experience and knowledge of farce to the fore the show was a tour de force. Like all shows of this type it rattled along at great pace. One comedic act rolled seamlessly into another giving the audience a laugh a minute experience until curtain down.
The story involves the intricate life style of a London Cabbie with two wives and their precisely scheduled lives which goes awry when he suffers a mugging and he tries to keep this double life from becoming general knowledge in the face of police investigations.
For a farce to work every aspect of it, and everyone in the cast, must click and bounce off each other particularly when slapstick is involved. It must work like clockwork. For this you need an excellent cast who not only know what they are doing but be in tune with the others.
It was delivered in spades by the eight principals involved in the show. There was no differentiation between them and they all gave sterling performances. James Barton (John smith) Frank Ditchburn (Detective Sergeant Troughton) David Gibson (Bobby Franklin) Gary Manson (Stanley Gardner) Danielle Miller (Mary Smith) Laura Pigford (Detective Sergeant Porterhouse) Simon Spark (Reporter) and a special mention for Racheal Walsh who stepped in at short notice to play the role of Barbara Smith.