Date 9th November 2018
Society Richmond Amateur Dramatic Society
Venue Georgian Theatre Royal , Richmond
Type of Production Play
Director Jim Brown


Author: Rhoda Fraser

The rumour was, this was going to be a good show, it was wrong! This show was Brilliant. Neil Simon’s script just swept along, Jim Brown as Director must have ruled with a rod of iron. The cast were word perfect, I at times had to stop laughing and draw breath. The whole event was reminiscent of the famous Brian Rix farces which were on TV Years ago. Thank you Jim a great night’s entertainment brought together by hard work.

The Set looked like a comfortable home and worked well giving some height variation, thanks to Brian Rogers for set construction, lighting and sound.

The play was set in the home of Charley and Vivian Brooks who in fact we never see, Vivian and the servants have disappeared and Charley has shot himself but fortunately not fatally. First to arrive are Chris and Ken Bevans played by Suzy Brown and Mike Walker. They are confused with the situation and try to protect their friends from any potential scandal, Suzy tried to calm her nerves with a small drink, giving us a glorious interpretation through the play of the nervous half-drunk lady. Mike on the other hand was dashing up and downstairs making up new stories as more guests arrived, no cue missed, very well done.

Next to arrive are Claire and Len Cummings played by Nicola Bryan and Scott Fenney, having experienced a car accident in their new BMW on the way to the party they were not in the best frame of minds. Between argument and trying to put on a brave face they both gave us some fun dialogue and kept up the snappy banter between themselves. It is nice to see the return of Nicola after a time living away from Richmond and Scott seems to be settling into RADS life well, and becoming a valued member.

Cookie and Ernest Cusack arrive; Cookie is a famous Cookery writer (played by Jackie McLeod,) she is persuaded to cook the meal helped by Ernest, (played by Doug Clayton) both manage to have accidents in the kitchen and appear bandaged while doing their best with the meal, both giving even more confusion to the evening, great teamwork there.

Last of the guests to arrive are Cassie and Glen Cooper, played by Wendy and Lee Morris. They sparked and sparred with each other with great vigour, adding even more excitement to the evening.

Going about his duties and calling to take notes about the car accident is P.C. Conklin, the partygoers think he is there to find out about the gunshots. Someone must act as Charley Brooks as by now he is sleeping with a bandaged bleeding ear. Len is chosen and sent upstairs to change. Adding to the hilarity of the evening the others turn up the music and start dancing.

P.C. Conklin played by Martin Ash, gave a cool and patient performance, if somewhat confused by the whole interview. Even more so when Charlie is called and Len gives an exaggerated performance completely off the top of his head, finishing with the fact that Vivian was in the cellar. P.C. Conklin believes the story and leaves; the others troop upstairs to find out what really happened but are stopped by someone shouting from the cellar, it seems Vivian is really locked in the cellar!!

Well done all, for what must have been an exhausting night on stage you never flagged once.