Room 13

Date 24th April 2015
Society Horncastle Theatre Company
Venue Lion Theatre, Horncastle
Type of Production play
Director Jennifer Hughes and Morgan Davies


Author: Anne Key-Huckerby

This play was performed by the Horncastle Upstagers; one of the youth groups belonging this society. Dramatised by Joe Standerline from the novel by Robert Swindells, this play, about a school residential visit to Whitby suited the Upstagers' age group very well. They are mainly young teenagers. Three of them played the adults who accompanied the school trip. They did well. Felicity Morgan was played extremely well by Holly Longdon. This schoolgorl was particularly sensitive to the paranormal aura surrounding Whitby Abbey. The sound effects and lighting all contributed greatly to this. Directed by a couple of the members of the  youth group, the play revealed the reactions of the rest of the party to Felicity's concerns. I wish I had read the script of Room 13 before I saw this production because I found it rather difficult to follow the plot. Some of the sixten-strong cast delivered their lines rather quickly. I appreciate the huge effort that went into this production, but feel clarity of speech is essential in any drama. Having said that, I have the utmost admiration for the enthusiasm so inherent in all the teenagers taking part in this play.