Rock of Ages

Date 7th December 2017
Society Hoylake & West Kirby Theatre Group
Venue Gladstone Theatre
Director Dawn Smith
Musical Director Jeff Broadbere
Choreographer Louise Brown


Author: Budge Grounsell


What you get is what it says on the tin or in  this case the programme . Rock of Ages was a big brash musical which brought out  great enthusiasm on the part of its cast as well as its audience . Yes, the music was loud but that’s the nature of the beast and it carries you along with it’s sheer exhuberance.


The set design and  build by Jon Croft and Alan Earl enabled Director Dawn Smith to set the tone for the action and bring out the best in the cast. Jeff Broadbere once again showed that he is a fine Musical Director aided by Sam of the same name. Choreographer Louise Brown  completed this  very strong Production team.


From the moment that Lonny (John Edward Sprung)  bounded on to the stage and into the  bearts of the audience you sensed the dynamicism  to follow. The plot would not have outdone Shakespeare but lets face it  this is Rock.


I won’t single out the individual principle  members of the cast as they were all very good and  each in his own and the Directors’ way brought their character to life and were convincing and believable. No weaknesses here. And they were well supported  in the minor roles and  ensemble of singers and dancers.


In essence this was another success for HAWK who provide their audience with excellent entertainment time after time . The Society is fortunate to have such a variety of  fine  players backed up by a strong  back stage team.  The Costumes , Lighting, Sound ,Stage Manager and Crew are so important in providing the icing which tops up a show’s success. |It is interesting to note how often someones name will appear in different guises in the programme which only serves to emphasise  the rapport the members have with their Society.  Well done to you all.. Budge