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Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood


25th January 2018


Heckington Players Amateur Dramatic Society


Heckington Village Hall

Type of Production



Jo Warrick


Debbie Savage


Mark Elsom


Author: Peter Breach

Superbly written by local playwright Kei Bailey, the script for this pantomime contained prolific punning, plenty of great gags and lively songs - all within a well-structured story line. Amanda Rivers (as the fearless Robin Hood) was ably supported by a jovial band of “merry men” comprising  Dan Poulson (as Little John), Matt Brown (as Friar Tuck) and Matthew Coupland (as Will Scarlett). Rachel Rowett (as the feisty Maid Marion), though amenable to Robin’s affection, showed she was quite capable of fending off the unwanted approaches of Stuart Wyle (as the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham).

Kei Bailey (as Nanny Mangle) was keen to show off the fashionable outfits of “the Dame” and quickly established a repartee with the audience which they very much enjoyed. It was Chelsey Barlow’s task (as Clara Loft) to come on stage and update the audience as to what had been happening out of their view; her effervescent personality greatly assisted her in this task. There was great characterisation from Joanne Moules (as Hernia Septic) and her colleague Aaron Pettican (as Weasel) who were made up so as to appear quite revolting, along with their adoption of some really disgusting habits; the sort of people you would prefer to cross the road to avoid rather than get close to!

Mel Priestly (as Fairy May) was responsible for looking after Sherwood Forest and her puppet friends therein, including Sheldon the Tortoise; it was nice to see the very young in the audience being catered for. Kim Sands (as Caramella) was the horrible wicked witch, though I’m sure she’s not all bad. Kate Sydney gave a wonderful performance (as Sherbet the Crow), her expressions and stances were amazing. The members of the Junior Cast and Chorus brought a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm to this show and are commended for their stage presence.

Congratulations to all who were involved in delivering this pantomime at such a good pace, doubtless spurred on by Jo Warrick’s tight direction and the efficiency of the stage crew.  This show was a real humdinger!