Robin Hood

Date 27th January 2017
Society Sprowston Parish Players
Venue St Cuthbert's Church, Sprowston
Type of Production pantomime
Director Dean Akrill
Choreographer Grace 'Izzie' Porter


Author: Susan DuPont

Again written by Sally-Anne Davies, this script was purely Robin Hood and not, like so many, with the Babes in the Wood.   So it concentrated on Robin Hood and his gang in conflict with the Sheriff of Nottingham and the contact with Prince John.  Also some clever re-jigging of song-words to fit with the plot.

            Liked the team work of ‘the guys in tights’ who obviously enjoyed every moment on stage: Robin Hood (Samuel Howe), Friar Tuck (a drunken Toni Morina), Will Scarlett (Mike Glover) and Little John (Luke Fairweather) played well as a group with movement, actions and song realised with a flair. For the fun and leading the company numbers Dianne Stimpson as Kristie and Zoe Mitchell as Betty were the core of the villagers in the inn and company singing (good strong big numbers from all in singing) plus all the humour from Kristie.   Lynne Boston as Nanny Viv was the compassionate advisor to all and especially Maid Marion.   Sally-Anne Davies as Maid Marion sang delightfully with her clear strong voice plus she lead so much of the action in a girl-power version of this story.    On to the villains of the piece, Andrew Boston as Prince John was weak in character and portrayed his greed and ambition well; and as for the wicked Sheriff from Mark Chapman, almost OTT and very menacing, filled again with greed and hatred for Robin and lust for Marion, definitely not a person to meet on a dark night! The audience were worked well and reacted to both fun and laughter and reactions of boos.

            I must comment on the hard work and many cues for Nigel Grant with sound for click-tracks songs and noises off effects, he did well from his balcony.