Robin Hood

Date 12th January 2018
Society West Wickham Pantomime Society
Venue West Wickham Hall
Type of production Pantomime
Director James Harrison-Baker
Choreographer Sally Warsopp


Author: Gordon Harris

All right? It wasn’t just all right it was Fantastic !!!!!

"I have seen hundreds of pantos over the years and didn’t think I could be surprised “ – Robin Hood. Moreover, neither did I!  It was top-class amateur theatre at its best; it relied on the professionalism of the actors and its Director James Harrison-Baker. The story is great, but what I particularly enjoyed was the sheer professionalism and phenomenal singing by the leading characters. I cannot recommend this Panto at West Wickham enough.

The musical numbers under choreographer Sally Warsop looked effortless and every one that had to dance and tap did so with ease. Wonderful. With the most exquisitely hand painted scenery, ably assisted by the lighting and sound crew showering the cast with just the right amount of light as the story unfolded. From the opening number until the final curtain the costumes were a feast for your eyes,.Technically sound as per usual, by Mike and James Simpson.

Casting was exquisite, led by the very strong principals in the guise of Ellie Chapin (Maid Marion) who looked every inch a lead, with a beautiful singing voice fit for any stage. as did Adrian Morrissey (Robin Hood) and Amanda Farrant (Mandragoria). Amanda was teamed with Darren Haley as a nice camp Sheriff of Nottingham. David Warsop as Much entertained throughout with his wit involving the audience whenever he appeared along with Tony Dunne as the rotund Dotty Doughtworthy,  looking every inch a Dame.There was a very strong cameo role from Phil Burns as Little John well done to him on his knees, but I thought he could have stood up for his bow. Other roles played by Laura Harrison-Baker, Ellie Parrott, Rebecca Graydon, Philip George (Fanfare Player) and Paul Graydon.

Once again an exquisite programme, also the welcome by Brian Drayson your treasurer. West Wickham you succeeded again - keep this professionalism up, as I’m sure you will.Thank you for inviting my guests and me; they were all captivated by your performance of ‘Robin Hood’.