Robin Hood

Date 11th December 2015
Society Port Sunlight Players
Venue Gladstone Theatre
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Julie Whitehead
Musical Director Greg Williams


Author: Christine Hunter Gughes

Billed as a traditional Family Pantomime which I am delighted to say it definitely was!  The story of course, excludes the traditional good fairy, but the wicked part of the duo was ably filled by the Sherriff of Nottingham. 

I am always delighted when I see live music for a pantomime – it cuts out the awful ‘introductions’ that always seem to happen with ‘canned’ music – whilst the cast stand around waiting for the music to start – absolutely none of this here short relevant snatches of music – well played – great!

There is no more critical, or honest, audience than children – if you lose their attention they just play up and make a noise, and many congratulations to the director (and writer) and the cast for, in the main, holding the children’s attention very well.  They interacted with the cast right from the word go with none of the painful repeats (I can’t hear that – try again).  The Boos for the Sheriff began more or less as he walked onto the stage – very impressive.  You let the audience find their own level of interaction that they were comfortable with and were rewarded with great interaction.

There is, of course, a slight downside in engaging so well with the audience, in that there is always ‘noise’ from the audience which means diction should be a little slower and projected out, and skilfully pointed.  Unfortunately I did miss some of the dialogue, in the main people speaking too quickly, occasionally upstage, and really not projecting well.  As a caveat to that however, I do not always pick up the local accent too well – so whilst it was entirely appropriate, that must have also played a part in my ability to hear it all. 

Overall it was exactly what it should have been – great family entertainment, hugely enjoyed by adults and children alike – the corny jokes, the boos and hisses, the audience involvement – I would say ‘mission accomplished’.  Thank you for the invitation, and for the, as always, warm and welcoming hospitality.