The Decorator

Date 6th October 2017
Society Retford Little Theatre
Venue Retford Little Theatre
Type of Production Play
Director Joan Young


Author: Liz Williams

I have never seen ' the Decorator', written by Donald Churchill and so I was intrigued by what would unfold.
I was more than pleasantly surprised . The play has a cast of only 3 characters . Marcia , played by Sarah Woodwards, Walter, by Mark Thornton and Jane by Stephanie Lee .
Each one so different from the others , their portrayal of their respective roles were faultless. Their parts were huge and it is a credit to them to be word perfect after a relatively short rehearsal period .
The audience clearly found it hilarious and showed their appreciation by endless laughter and applause.
The set though fairly straight forward, lent itself perfectly to the plot, as is always the case with Retford Little Theatre.
Produced by Joan Young, who should be very proud of her achievement and of those involved both on stage and behind the scenes .

Excellent entertainment .