Richard III on Trial for Murder

Date 18th July 2013
Society Rainham Theatrical Society (RTS Ltd)
Venue Oast theatre Rainham
Type of Production Play
Director Steve Berry


Author: Gordon Harris

‘Richard III on trial for Murder’….Oast House Theatre  18/07/2013 Steve Berry Director found this play… I am so delighted he did, what a magnificent play!!!! Steve thank you for bringing this play to Rats, it was directed to a high standard and your choice of actors for the roles was superb, I could not fault any of them. A courtroom drama based around a trail of Richard the III, he is still depicted as Richard as is all the histrionics and the court is present day, clever ah? Jan Wyatt playing a very stern Prosecution counsel, was word perfect and with her monologues so long with names and dates. As an actor myself I would have buckled at the knees on the first page. Perfect …NO a stupendous performance Jan. Dave Bradshaw as Defense council gave a good solid performance along side Jan and the two worked well as opposites to the plot.Jack Homewood. What can I say an extremely doddery Judge and a perfectionist of a performer, although he read a lot, Jack you made this look as if you were just looking at the judge’s notes? His performance for me was uppermost in this production.Andrew Manktelow, JohnAtkins, Simon Harrington and Wendy Tayorlson gave us sterling performances as their depicted historical characters, and along with the Clerk of the court  Faye Wyatt this play didn’t fail to entertain, it certainly deserved a larger audience than it got on this opening night.For an opening night this play was and is well rehearsed ,I only heard one prompt, it was slick and directed to a high standard. With stunning costumes on the historic character’s due Claire Feekings costumes, and with a static court room  set this play was to me unmissable!!!! Thank you RaTs I’m so glad I caught this tremendous play.