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Return to the Forbidden Planet


5th February 2013


Maltby Musical Theatre Group


The Wesley Centre, Maltby

Type of Production



Claire Saddington

Musical Director

Graham Cowley


Claire Saddington


Author: Les Smith

What a wonderful sight to walk into an almost full theatre and to be greeted by young people welcoming the audience, giving them take off briefings, tablets in case of a loss in cabin pressure and also an emergency procedure in case of any failures in the equipment, thankfully we did not need this.

This a show oozing with great songs the majority of which were written before the cast were even thought about let alone born but this did not stop them giving their all to the  memorable songs such as Great Balls of Fire, Good Vibrations, Teenager in Love, The Young Ones and The Monster Mash, performing them to perfection.

Several parts were played by two different young actors which I presume was aimed at giving everyone a fair chance, this is usual practice within the majority of youth groups, however one extra touch was that both performed on the same night, one taking Act 1 and the other Act 2, it was made easier for the audience as they had the same costume on for the first appearance in Act 2.

These young people showed some great enthusiasm whether they be in the chorus or playing a principal part and this proved to be a successful ingredient in this somewhat complex show.

Two of young members who stood out in this show were Megan Edgar as Gloria who has a beautiful voice and was able to perform her songs with ease and also Daniel Gregory as Cooky, I am sure this young man will go far and I hope we will see him in the adult society soon.

There was very limited space in the centre where they performed but a very ingenious set had been designed and made for this by David Taylor and Graham Brunt to give just the right atmosphere for this excellent show.

I was really pleased to be able to present awards to some of the “long standing” members of this group.                                                                                                        Thank you Maltby Minors for a great evening.