Return to the Forbidden Planet

Date 2nd December 2016
Society Hilltop Theatre Company
Venue Pentyrch Village Hall
Director Linda Coombes
Choreographer Laura Hallas


Author: S. Gazzard on behalf of Sharon Davies

As the show began I quickly realised that this show had been very well directed by Linda Coombes and the technical queues were second to none! As some of the dialogue happened in conjunction with the TV screens this must have taken a lot of practice and it all worked perfectly. The lighting by Llwyd Herniman as usual was exceptional.

The cast and chorus worked extremely well together with simple yet effective choreography. Credit to Laura Hallas. .

Tim Driscoll taking on the lead Captain Tempest appeared perfect for the role. He was a very confident performer who was a pleasure to watch. His performance was complemented by the impeccable timing of the Navigation Officers (Laura Hallas and Vanessa Jones). The singing voices of Cookie (Carlton Gronow), Miranda (Clare McAndrew) complemented the show well. The Science Officer (Rhian Hughes) dominated the stage with her extremely powerful and dynamic voice.

Stephen Lurvey has to be mentioned as a truly exceptional portrayal of Ariel the Robot, his comical timing was very well done! Graham Perkins who played Prospero worked very hard and clearly played a big part technically as he also played the news reader on screen.

There was an element of audience participation and some interaction from the actors to the technical crew and this worked well.

Well done to everyone involved, it definitely showed what happens when a production team, technical crew and actors come together to produce something pretty fantastic!