Rent School Edition

Date 13th July 2012
Society Inspirations Theatre Co
Venue The Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield
Type of Production Musical
Director Dot Clarke
Musical Director Melanie Gilbert


Author: Joyce Handbury

A Double Bill (Disney’s Aristocats Kids / Rent School Edition)

Rent is a musical set in New York’s Bohemian East Village and tackles the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS with the consequent physical and emotional complications that it has for seven impoverished friends. It was inspired by Pucini’s La Boheme. Josh Mason played Mark, an aspiring filmmaker, his fantastic voice and excellent acting were wonderful - he truly lived the role. Daniel Woolley’s tremendous tenor voice made him an ideal choice for the role of Roger, his solos and duets, particularly with Mimi, seductively played by Katie Lockwood, were superb. Collins was well portrayed by Matt Szadura and his transvestite lover Angel, was very, very effectively played by David Reaney - his outfits, wigs and high heels were stunning. Olivia Fleming as Joanne and Natalie Hollingworth as Maureen both excelled in their respective roles but Natalie gave an absolutely stand-out performance when she sang ‘Over the Moon’ it was sensational! Benny, a former friend but now a local landlord, was competently played by Matt Staten. The principals all gave compelling, mature performances but were brilliantly supported by others in minor roles and indeed, by the whole chorus line-up. A great set and effective lighting added to make this a truly thought provoking and captivating show. Congratulations to the Production Team and to everyone involved.