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15th May 2012


Beeston Musical Theatre Company


Duchess Theatre, Long Eaton

Type of Production



Russ Singleton

Musical Director

Morris Fisher


Author: Phil Williams

Choreographer: Craig Butterworth

One would not think that a musical set in New York among the homeless and drugs could be inspiring, but this production certainly was. Russ made excellent use of the set providing ever changing pictures which blended one into the other effortlessly. Morris gave just the right touch to the music with great interpretation, especially for those moments when La Boheme briefly emerged. There was talent in depth in the cast, with all providing super character portrayals, dramatically and vocally. Sam Barson and George Lamb as Roger and Mark interacted very well with each other and Sam also developed a strong relationship with Beth Yearsley, a lovely Mimi. Matt Fry and Ben Alvey linked up well together as Tom and Angel, as did Catherine Tuckey and Andrea Nicolaou as Maureen and Joanne, with a superb “Over The Moon” from Catherine. Dan Bates was a fine Benjamin, the “baddy” landlord. All the rest on stage gave their all with enthusiasm, certainly providing full support throughout. The lovely choreography and dancing blended in very well. The costumes were very appropriate as were the props. The set was excellent and the back stage work, lighting and sound fine, all adding to the occasion. To achieve such a standard required excellent preparation by all, vocally, dramatically and technically, not to mention working as a team. Great entertainment