Red Riding Hood

Date 29th January 2016
Society Waddington Dramatic Society
Venue Waddington Village Hall
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Hillary Wells
Choreographer Hillary Wells


Author: David Fisher

This production met with a lot of the challenges that arise in small village halls, but they overcame them with hard work and dedication. As so often happens in small societies a lot of the work falls on the shoulders of one person. In this case the director Hillary Wells also designed and made all the costumes that we saw.

All the cast gave of their very best that they could muster, bearing in mind that the audience was small. A special mention must be made to the young lady Katy Janssen who portrayed the part of the Fairy of the Forest. She did an amazing job pulling the thing together.

The lighting and set were of a good standard. There was a door that appeared early on which was the exit to the orphanage and it was apparent all cast had difficulty going in and out of it. One of the funniest scenes was set in a hospital ward, the whole audience were in raptures. The Treasurer of the society, Joan King, who has been in amateur theatre for over 40 years played the part of Patches, and she worked and worked and worked. I liked the way that the interesting build-up to the finale after the wolf was dead. It was an original way of conducting the finale and I think it's true to say the audience left wanting more.