Red Riding Hood

Date 19th February 2020
Society STELLA
Venue SS Simon & Jude Primary School
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Vanessa Dean-Boardman
Choreographer Jennifer Dagnall


Author: Liz Hume-Dawson

The SSSJ ADS Pantomime Red Riding Hood has Vanessa Dean-Boardman returning as Director as well as Set Design and Construction with Colin Dean. Choreographer is Jennifer Dagnall and Wardrobe is Stella Crank, Julie Cunningham and Christine Wynn.

David Crank playing the sleezy Gordon Gazumper complete with used car salesman suit moves the show along to the audience boos. As one of the villains, Gordon has freed The Big Bad Wolf from prison in order to drive down house prices so he can buy them for a pittance. . . .unfortunately, he has Hammer, played by Nicola Walsh, and Tongs played by Lindsay Sheppard to help him - that was his first mistake! They are supposed to be burglars and are so stupid they actually dress like burglars complete with eye masks & hooped jumpers, bungling each task they’re given by the tycoon Gordon. His second mistake was thinking The BB Wolf (played by Alan Yates) the second villain would help him but once he has the scent of The Three Pigs all is lost in Panto land. You sort of know when he surrounds himself with help like that the game is up - oh yes it is!

Adding to the comedy was Stuart McCaig playing Barney who actually wants to be the village idiot (and is willing to do it without pay) and Connor Parkinson playing Peter Piper (who works for the council). They both worked well interacting with the audience and getting them on side - especially during the community song.

The Mayor of Winalot played by Colin Dean as the weak scaredy cat and his tolerant Town Clerk, Clara, played by Emma Cunningham added to the cast and worked well together.

Jennifer Dagnall (also choreographer) returns to the stage to take the role of Prince Rupert, one of the few to take up the challenge to find The BB Wolf on the run as his not so trusty dog Rufus (played by Suzanne Smith) will only help if paid in enough dog biscuits and wants to ‘mark’ every piece of scenery. Rachel Slater plays the title role of Red Riding Hood and is becoming an accomplished performer with a beautiful voice - well done!

The Three Pigs, Pinky played by Megan Pimbley, Perky by Emma Walsh (her acting debut) and Porky by Hannah Bowden came complete with all the pig jokes (loved the ‘pigs in blankets’!).

Last but not least was Granny Hood played by Ian Dean-Boardman, whose twerking dame gave us his all, playing the savvy Granny-with-attitude: he came in guns blazing and laughed off the jibes, like his birthday cake that had so many candles it was likened to a forest fire. He was hilarious and lit up the stage (pun intended!). He had moments of underplaying it, but it was actually very effective - excellent character!

The ultra violet scene and forest animals for cute factor, with the adult and younger chorus all rounded off the show, with SSSJ’s usual community inclusivity factor. Well Done.

Thank you for inviting me and my guest and making us so welcome as always.