Date 19th January 2013
Society Washington Theatre Group
Venue Arts Centre, Washington
Type of Production Pantomime
Director John Seymour


Author: Gwyneth Hunter

This is a great group of people, where all the members are involved in the total production from beginning to end. This panto was written by member John Seymour and had lots of characters, giving plenty of people the chance to do something. Rapunzel is not a story often used for pantomime, so it was great to see something different.

Beth Mellors, as Rapunzel and Sarah Tetchner, as Prince Valiant, looked great together, and Sarah has a beautiful voice. John Seymour, as Nanny Gladrags, was a big and bold dame. The children in the audience loved him, and he worked very hard keeping everything flowing, linking the scenes with ease. Marie Lovell, Sarah Clarke and Angela Marshall were individual and funny as the Three Witches, while Kevin Malley, Alan Bilton and Matthew Littledyke were hilarious as Princes Petulant, Ignorant and Flatulent. A great cameo role was played by Emma Rodham as Roger the (Geordie ) Donkey. She was cute and funny with a lovely singing voice. Everyone worked hard but my favourite was undoubtedly Peter Marshal as Spout the gargoyle. This was one of the most original characters I have ever seen, and he played it superbly.

The set was simple but it worked really well in this difficult venue. The scenes moved seamlessly from one to the other, giving a good flow to the production. Finally I must compliment the Art & Design team who produced such a beautiful and appropriate programme. Well done everyone.