Date 16th January 2020
Society Christchurch Music Society - Newport
Venue Christchurch Church Hall - Newport
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Katie Middleton and Sian Williams
Musical Director Liz McAinish


Author: Sharon Davies

This pantomime was performed to a packed hall and the atmosphere was great.

The good Fairy Hairdo (Jan Parfitt) and the evil Fairy Dreadlock (Peter Routley) appeared to the cheers and boos of the young audience, especially since Fairy Dreadlock had a great evil laugh, and amazing make up, I was quite jealous.Brainless Bobbie (Hollie Kempson) and Silly Sally (Katie Routley) had good comedy timing and had a great rapport with the audience. They say “There is nothing like a Dame” and they were right with this one. It was a very good performance from David Middleton as Penny Perm. His timing was good and so was his interaction with the audience.

Rapunzel (Amy Kempson) is not the biggest part in the show but Amy gave her all, and we all felt for her when she sang “Diva’s Lament”, or as we know it “Whatever Happened to my Part”. She was well partnered with Flynn Perm (Angela Everett) who slapped her thigh with gusto, as a principle boy should.

Steve Duthie as King Bowdilocks, the hen pecked husband, had the sympathy of the men in the audience when Queen Curly ( Diane Ebo) kept interrupting him.

There were a lot of chorus on the stage and the sound and movement was spot on.

Good Music, great costumes, audience participation,, what more could you want ? it was  a lovely evenings entertainment