Date 27th March 2014
Society Horncastle Theatre Company
Venue Lion Theatre, Horncastle
Type of Production play
Director Priscilla Danby-Burbage


Author: Anne Key-Huckerby

Ronald Harwood's play takes place at Beecham House, a rest home in Kent. The four members of the cast portrayed aged operatic stars who needed to be in such a place. There was Cecily [Penny Holland], Reg [Jonathan Cooke] and Wilf [Chris Liversidge] already residing there. Soon they were joined by Jean, played by Shirley Moffat, who had also fallen on difficult times. We realised the different problems each had in adjusting to their new lifestyle......and Reg and Jean had been husband and wife for a short time in their younger years. Each year there was a Gala to celebrate Verdi's birthdate in October. On this occasion the four were invited to perform the quartet form Rigoletto. The costumes for this were quite stunning and their rendition of it was great. The set was very well constructed with furnishings to suit the interior of a music room. This was a very pleasant play with gentle humour throughout. Most enjoyable.