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Puss in Boots


9th December 2017


Ury Players


Stonehaven Town Hall

Type of Production



Russell Adams & Gordon Smith


Chloe Christie & Tamara Scherwitzel


Author: Brian McDonald

This was a colourful production with excellent costumes and lots of laughs. Dame Hettie Quette (Garry Brindley) growled his way cheekily through the panto. Douglas Clark’s diction was crystal clear and his portrayal of King Herbert was beautifully brow beaten until the end when he asserted himself right regally! The Narrator (Heather Stewart) oozed charm as she guided us through the story. Jack (Kirsty Lockhart) and Puss (Heather Smith) had me believing cats could talk, with Puss’s make-up and costume being especially superb. All the cast shone throughout but special mention goes to Andrew Dart as Lord Roger, whose confident stage presence and first class diction made him a baddie par excellence. The dancing was very good and the music, which was mostly pre-recorded, was well chosen. Directors Russell Adams and Gordon Smith did a slick job of getting a polished performance from the Ury Players. All in all a dazzling display. It certainly got the audience and me in Panto mood – oh yes it did!