Priates of Penzance

Date 18th May 2019
Society West Kirby Musical Theatre Company (WKMTC)
Venue Heswall Hall
Type of Production G&S
Director Rob Bowness
Musical Director Rob Bowness
Choreographer Deborah Clark


Author: R. Grounsell

The Pirates of Penzance.. WIKLOS Heswall Hall. 18/05/19

To anyone who says that Gilbert and Sullivan has lost much of it’s appeal in todays theatre I would have told them to go and see the show that I witnessed last Saturday.

I have seen “Pirates” several times and each has been stamped with the particular societies interpretation. Wiklos chose to put great emphasis on the humour and a wise choice it proved to be. Rob Bowness showed his skills as both Director and Musical Director and coupled with Choreographer Deborah Clark’s expertise brought his audience an entertaining evenings performance. In adding an extra element into the story as well we saw a unique production and splendid it was.

Wendy Newtons appearance as Ruth was not only very funny but delightfully different from previous interpretations that I have seen and her singing enabled her to get the absolute most from the role. Nick Hawkswell the Pirate Apprentice and “Slave of Duty” took full charge of his part, sang well and caught the full flavour of the character. Bluebeard himself could not have made a finer Pirate King, well supported as he was by Samuel (Dave Hayward) his erstwhile lieutenant.and his trusty crew.

The romantic element fell to Major General Stanley’s daughters Amy Duggan, Barbara Richards, Sue Jarvis and Sophie Cottrell led this bevy of beauties who soon had the Pirates all at sea. Their Father the Major General played by John Phipps was excellent especially “As the very Model of a Modern General” surely the epitome of patter songs.

As the young Frederick Teo Bathily did very well especially as he was on stage a great deal of the time. He proved himself to be very disciplined in the role, not easy for one so young.

A policemans lot may not be happy one but this fine body of men proved to be gallant upholders of the law no doubt inspired by their Sargeant of Police Tony Clare whose fearsome actions and facial expressions might well have frightened any felon he encountered.

Wiklos have proved themselves to have an excellent ensemble in concert as well as in Main Musicals and “Pirates” certainly added to their reputation

The “set” was, to say the least, simple but also most effective. The use of a Wardrobe as an Entrance/Exit was unusual but didn’t it work well.

All in all first class show. Budge Grounsell NODA Rep.