Date 27th November 2013
Society Overton Dramatic Society
Venue St Mary’s Hall, Overton
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Jenna-Clark-Williams and Kayleigh Hale
Musical Director Frank Bell
Choreographer Jenn Clark-Williams


Author: Kay Rowan

Pinocchio is a classic children’s tale to which Joshua Dixon has given a new twist.  Pinocchio must not only battle with a wicked witch but the evil doings of Stromboli as well as Wally the Whale in the depths of the sea.  The narrator in the form of two Fairies,  Powder-Puff’ and ‘Sugar-Sweet’  introduce the characters who include Barbie Botox and the two comedy characters Trick and Tease. This production was full of fun and action for everyone from the time the curtain went up.  They travelled from village square to forest from Pleasure Island to the depths of the sea via the inside of the whale and back to the village.  The well-devised  ‘adventures’ were enjoyed by both the cast and the audience.

Every pantomime puts demands upon the set designers and stage crew to provide all the various scenes in an effective way whilst at the same time being able to store everything with ease. This show was no exception and they handled it brilliantly.  The puppet scene was well designed and this team more than achieved their aim in particular  the audience were fascinated by the well painted backdrops, the ‘floating fish’ under the sea raised gasps of appreciation.  

This show was very well cast, very well directed and overall it was an outstanding performance of this imaginative version of Pinocchio with superb costumes and a well balanced team.  The band supported the cast in their singing and the technical crew created light, sound and pyrotechnic effects to achieve the overall end product.  The principals were all strong and came from a wide age range.  The chorus was well balanced and supported the principals most effectively.  Overton Players are a true reflection of the active community in which they play - both for those who perform and for their audience.  A most enjoyable evening - congratulations to all involved.