Date 16th November 2013
Society Leeds Childrens Theatre
Venue The Carriageworks Theatre
Type of Production Play
Director Judith Daniel


Author: Pam Booth

This was my first visit to The Leeds Children's Theatre and what a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I enjoy matinee performances of children's productions because you have the essential ingredient in the audience, children! They certainly enjoyed themselves.

The clown (Louise Corner) who greeted us and appeared throughout the show was a great idea. What a super, well rehearsed group of children. There were great reactions and facial expressions from the smallest Circus person to the tallest principal. A delightful Pinocchio (Harley McCormack) really seemed to enjoy his role. He coped admirably with the demanding part and was well supported by a strong cast.I was a little disappointed that Pinocchio's nose didn't grow but obviously it wasn't in this version of the story.

There were some lovely costumes and the make-up was excellent as I saw in close up after the show. A simple set along with a few backcloths worked well and sound effects were on cue.

There were some chases through the audience and moments to shout out and clap all of which children love. The plot moved swiftly on and the running time was ideal for a young audience.

Congratulations to everyone involved, there is obviously a talented new generation coming along.