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26th February 2018


Childrens Theatre Bo'ness Society


Bo'ness Town Hall

Type of Production



Jamie O'Rourke

Musical Director

Calum Campbell


Louise Freck


Author: Elizabeth Donald

Under new direction, the cast delivered an entertaining pantomime - from the first puff of smoke revealing the rhyming duo fairies to the creation, kidnap and rescue of Pinocchio and defeat of the baddies. Confident singing of catchy, popular songs, strong principals and well rehearsed movement made the evening fly by. Kieran West took charge once more as a very capable dame, Barbie Botox. With his dominant presence, his control of dialogue and nuances fully conveyed, he never faltered. His lively character was nicely paired with Lola Black who portrayed the sincere, measured and serious toymaker Gepetto. They were assisted by the likeable Jimmy played by Isla Cadman and his equally likeable but more intelligent mate Polly ably played by Olivia Pattison, again a well matched pair. Cayla Rushford  effortlessly enacted the scheming Wander whose powers overtook those of charming fairies Powder Puff and Sugar Sweet, namely Abbie Bonnyman and Amy McIntosh, while Jaime Laing provided a self seeking and cold Stromboli, kidnapper of Pinocchio. Jemma McGillivray as the toy Pinocchio gave a confident performance, at first seeming innocent and dependent but later revealing a determined streak. The three comedic sidekicks, Trick, Tease and Tickle - Hannah Kritzinger, David Laing and Hollie Brown - employed by Stromboli to do his dirty work on Pleasure Island, provided further fun and laughter. Later on Cody Rushford as Molly the mermaid and Lucas McCrimmond as Ollie, the octopus under the sea, took the action forward and came into their own when persuading the audience to participate in the pantomime song. The villagers and dancers supported the storyline in their songs and routines with the music suiting the young voices.  The principals sang confidently and in keeping with their roles. The costumes were striking with the dame in a number of startling creations, sparkly dresses for the fairies, floaty and sinister for Wander and circus master smart for Stromboli. Ollie coped well in his many armed but likeable outfit. The scenery too was thoughtfully created from the village square to the toy shop and the impressive whale’s stomach. The audience appreciated the fluorescent fish under the sea.  All involved created a wonder world far away from our own, displaying their talents and giving us a great evening. Well done to all.