Pets, Pantos and Politically Correct

Date 28th June 2014
Society Waddington Dramatic Society
Venue Waddington Village Hall
Type of Production Variety Concert
Director Graham Pues


Author: Anne Key-Huckerby

Following on from their very successful panto earlier this year, the group has gained a number of young members. It was felt best to stage An Evening of Entertainment consisting of music, movement and short playlets suitable for the different age groups involved. This was all very entertaining.The first half of the evening was devoted to the subject of Pets and included an amusing quartet of cats on a wall; an ode to a goldfish; a dance routine to 'Under The Sea' and Pam Valentine's A Dog's Life where four dogs are in the 'pound'. This was very funny yet extremely moving [especially to a dog-lover like me!] The second half commenced with Alan Titchmarsh's amusing 'Peter Pain and Windy'. This was followed by 'Mix Up in Pantoland' where the young Fairy Godsister most efficiently led us through the convoluted tale. Later we saw another Titchmarsh offering: 'Politically Correct Snow White' which was hilariously funny. The evening concluded with a nice routine to 'Reach'. This ended a most enjoyable evening with a strong bias toward comedy. Well done.