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Peter Pan


19th February 2013


Bramley Parish Theatre Players


Bramley Parish Church, Leeds

Type of Production



Linda Birch

Musical Director

Emma Smith


Hannah Birch & Emma Smith


Author: Marguerite Jennings

A pantomime version of this favourite children`s story with the opportunity for children to play the Darling children and the Lost Boys which they did with much talent and plenty of gusto. Peter Pan (Dean Patrick) was well played and the king pin of the production with a more than usually sarcastic Tinkerbell (Hannah Birth) adding to the enjoyment. A villainous Capt. Hook (David Waugh) with Smee (Mick Rowley), Starkey (Matt Walshaw) and Katy Cutlass (Carolynn Dickinson) as his henchmen gave the audience the chance to boo & hiss to their hearts content. The other parts of Mr. & Mrs. Darling, Nana, Polly, Tiger Lily & the Indians, the Mermaid, Turtle, Crocodile, all in splendid costumes, played their parts with panache. The singing and dancing were well presented and the costumes , scenery, lighting and sound of a very high standard. The small stage and the many scenes meant that the production could have done with more pace at times but this did not detract from the overall enjoyment of a full house.