Peter Pan

Date 20th February 2020
Society Centrestage Productions Youth Theatre
Venue The Point Eastleigh
Type of Production Musical
Director Mike Mullen and William Ross-Jones
Musical Director Nigel Finch
Choreographer Kiera Moorhouse and Ashley Sheath


Author: Mark Allen

After the usual warm welcome from the front of house team, I was shown my seat in the auditorium and waited for the show to start. The set was well laid out and lit, and used a combination of both static flats and roll on roll off trucks, all done with speed and efficiency which let the show flow. Peter Pan was to be flown, along with the children, and this, knowing the theatre well must have been a logistical exercise, and on the whole was done very well (although the top bar was visible for most of the flying sequences.

Peter Pan (the musical) is new to me and full of original songs which the cast and principes sang with gusto when called apon. The cast were very well backed up by Nigel Finch and his band. Choreography was good and each of the chorus looked like they had been well drilled and were enjoying themselves. Well done Kiera and Ashley. The costumes were very effective, very colourful in places and there were so many of them, (cast number 70+!) that the team of costumiers led by Nicki Moorhouse are to be highly commended. The principles all knew their parts well, rarely dropped a line (or treated us to the longest silence!) and were superbly led by Mya Kalymkov as Wendy, and the brilliant Peter Lavery who played Peter Pan with all the impish charm and poise you would hope for. The whole of the cast's diction was very good (and we had good clarity of sound thru Pob Wyeth). They had obviously worked on this, well done. All in all a very good show and enjoyable night out.