Peeping at Tom

Date 29th June 2013
Society Waddington Dramatic Society
Venue Waddington Village Hall
Type of Production play
Director Margery Thompson


Author: Anne Key-Huckerby

Written by Pamela Pope, this comedy has some unbelievably funny situations. Meg and Charles Anstey's son, Mark, arrived in a panic at their home with a baby in a carrycot. This child had been left at his flat just before he returned from a longish time abroad on a filmshoot. A note said it was time he looked after his son, but there was no mention as to which of Mark's three girlfriends was Tom's mother. After a lot of misunderstandings the truth eventually was revealed. It was unfortunate that Mike Kelly [Mark] was involved in a minor traffic accident which had left him badly bruised  and shaken, but he bravely soldiered on and made a very good job of his role. All the rest of the cast were equally credible, but it must be said there were quite a lot of prompts needed which tended to slow down the action. The set was extremely good with commendable attention to details, the costumes had been well-chosen, the lighting was fine and the sound effects were very realistic. Well done.