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Our House


26th April 2013


Bridgwater Operatic Society


Bridgwater Town Hall

Type of Production



James Tucker

Musical Director

Katy Gunningham


Tony Pomeroy


Author: Jo Wilson-hunt on behalf of Sue Pomeroy

‘Our House’ one of the most well-known Madness songs, a title for the Madness musical conjures up many expectations….Energy, fun, youthfulness and just a little bit of cheek. James and the team captured each of these in this sparkling production, from the opening bars of music expectations were high and delivered. A strong, passionate young man is required to play Joe Casey, this Joe stood stage centre with a twinkle in his eye and we were all enraptured, he met every expectation and exceeded them. His love Sarah matched him perfectly and the two of them took us on this rather complex journey with the skill of professionals. The community feel of the casting meant that ages were correct, emotions were true and a vision of life, be it sung danced and with showgirls, could be related and excepted by the audience. Choreography was powerful and the big musical numbers were infectious. The staging was simple and effective, with costumes that complimented the characters. A treat for everyone both on and off the stage, the Bridgwater audiences don’t realise how lucky they are.