Our House

Date 16th March 2023
Society Worthing Musical Theatre Company
Venue Pavilion Theatre Worthing
Type of Production Musical
Director Robert Tremayne
Musical Director Dan Lacey
Choreographer Rachel Davis
Music/Lyrics Madness
Written By Tim Firth


Author: Keith Smithers

When a writer uses very well known songs and attempts to form a story round them, it does not always make a successful production. This production of “Our House” most definitely does not fit into that category as the story and music combine to make a really entertaining and outstanding show.

I know that it has been around for about twenty years but this is the first time that I have seen it. “Our House” has a double storyline in that we follow the fortunes or misfortunes of Joe Casey (Toby Sawyer) and Sarah (Saxona Lacey) as they meet on Joe’s sixteenth birthday and he has the choice of choosing good or bad behaviour. Throughout the rest of the story we see the consequences of either of these choices. The acting from these two principal characters was exemplary. Joe’s Dad (Tim Kimber) took us as a narrator between good and bad with the aid of black and white scenery. With the use of also black and white costumes for Joe, it was so easy to follow what could have been a complicated plot. The scenery, consisting mainly of doors, walls and houses, was very efficiently changed between the many scenes like pieces of a jigsaw.    

The main characters were ably supported by their friends Lewis & Emmo (Josh Martello and Adam Collins) and Billie and Angie (Aadia Jacks and Bethany Barnes). Joe’s caring  and supportive mother, Kath (Suzanne Britten) was played very sensitively.  Reecey (Phil Davis) and later on in the action Mr. Pressman (Robert Tremayne) were the ones trying to lead Joe on the way to unhappiness and destruction. These two important influencers played convincingly friendly, but more importantly, underhand roles.  I am delighted to say that just like a good pantomime, a happy ending is reached.

When watching musicals, it is usually quite easy to pick a favourite song or dance routine but this was one occasion when it was totally imposible for me to do this - and that is a bonus. The music of Madness was performed impeccably by Dan Lacey and his six musicians; the choreography by Rachel Davis was so complex and good; the fifteen strong ensemble worked their socks off with the lyrics and dancing. The whole show was “ace”.

Congratulations to all on stage, backstage and the production team for a thoroughly wonderful production.