One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Date 25th April 2013
Society Stevenage Lytton Players
Venue The Sishes
Type of Production Play
Director Michelle Airey


Author: Vicki Avery

A production of such a high standard as this deserves congratulations all round. Congratulations must go to the committee for supporting the choice of this play, to Michelle Airey for her most sensitive and detailed direction, to the cast for committing themselves so deeply in the portrayal of their characters and to the set design and build team for creating a most appropriate physical environment in which this play was staged. This was a really powerful and thought provoking presentation and once again confirmed what a strong dramatic section this society has. Due to the constraints of the length of the report I am unable to mention every actor in this piece however, I cannot fail to mention certain performances of particular note. Allie Neal as Nurse Ratched was superb in her portrayal of a corrupt antagonist who kept control of her patients by using her own form of therapy by way of humiliation. Richard Absalom as R. P. McMurphy once again showed what a talented young actor he is and his switches between compassion for his fellow inmates and subordination for authority demonstrated great control. However, one of the most memorable performances of the evening was that of Ashley Smith as Martini, a delusional young inmate who agreed or disagreed with whatever was suggested. His seemingly effortless use of facial and body language throughout the performance was carefully executed so that at no time did it over shadow another actor’s performance but we were still aware that he was present on the stage.This production was a creative and thought provoking piece where an exceedingly high standard was achieved. Well done to you all.