Date 21st April 2012
Society Gateshead Musical Theatre Company
Venue Dryden Centre, Gateshead
Type of Production Musical
Director Ann Chadwick
Musical Director Gillian Anderson


Author: Gwyneth Hunter

‘Oliver!’ was obviously a great success for the society, and was much enjoyed by the audiences. It is difficult to put a new twist on a much performed show, but Ann Chadwick once again added lots of different touches and her individual stamp.

The set was effective with good lighting, while the costumes looked great, and were authentic to the period. The title role was taken by George Baldwin, who was cute, and had a lovely sweet singing voice. Keith Hewison, as Mr Bumble, and Barbara Waugh, as Mrs Corney, formed a good partnership, and added humour to the show. The Sowerberrys were great. Chris Kell, as Mr Sowerberry, was suitably Uriah Heapish, while Hannah Craven, as Mrs Sowerberry, was loud and terrifying.

I thought Curtis Appleby was very good as Dodger, with a great voice and cheeky chappie character, while Mike Beckford looked great as Fagin, moving around with ease and making the character his own. Laura Dollimore, as Nancy, was excellent, with a strong voice and great use of emotions. “As Long As He Needs Me” was beautifully performed, and her character was a great foil for James Forster, as an evil and violent Bill Sykes.

All the characters were ably supported by a good chorus and well controlled orchestra. Well done everyone, I’m sure everyone will be back next year for “more“.